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Andrew & Laura


Ellen Marano follows him on IG.
Raini Rodriguez follows him on Twitter.
Laura Marano liked each and every pic of his in IG; even his weird commented ones.

When they are seen in public with friends, they are side by side “together”.
Laura is favoriting his tweets or responses to his tweets. Sounds like more than friends; if so good luck to them.

I’ve been here longer than most of you; feels real to me. I’m looking at facts not opinions.

Anonymous:  what was the tweet that ross replied to instead of laura?


This one ^

Anonymous:  if you go to look on Andrew's instagram, Laura has liked every single one of his pictures O.o

Yes I have seen but I mean if a friend of mine posted something on facebook or instagram I would’ve liked it too. But who knows maybe they are dating. Maybe they’re not…

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WHAT IS HAPPENING? Ross responds to a tweet meant for Laura; but instead of responding she favorites a similar tweet meant for Gorin. Opinion 1: She used to be close to Ross but they couldn’t figure it out because of work so she moved on. Whether or not Gorin and her are involved, she obviously doesn’t want to make him jealous. Opinion 2: Gorin is a cover for Ross. Or none of it’s true…just opinions people!



Laura & Andrew-Very Close & Cute Friends

I find it funny that Laura is a healthy distance from Ross all the time but she is always right next to her “buddy” Andrew in all if her group pics! Oh and he surfs too! (Please no hate to him!). Whatever makes her happy, but Laura Marano, I SEE YOU!

More proof!!!


So nobody’s going to talk about these pictures??? Really?? They are wearing Mickey and Minnie Mouse hats!!!

And some more proof. I posted this a while ago.


Ha! As seen on Twitter!

Here’s a little bit of proof that I’m not lying.

Anonymous:  who is andrew gorin?

He’s a ‘friend’ of Laura. They were spot at Disney Land holding hands and they got on rides together with some other friends. Later on twitter another friend of Laura’s tweeted “is Dole whipped” with a picture of Andrew Gorin next to Laura Marano. Nobody knows if they’re dating but there are other pictures where Laura is at a restaurant with some friends and Andrew is sitting next to her. A few days after ppl started to notice Laura hanging out so much with Andrew, Ellen, Laura’s mom, started to follow him on IG. Then a few days later a fan tweeted something to Laura about Ross but Ross replied instead of her, then Laura favorite a tweet about Andrew that was similar to the one her fan had tweeted her about Ross. There are many other pictures that were taken a while ago where Andrew is with her but we’ve only been noticing now that we know who he is. Again, nobody is sure if they are dating. I reblogged some stuff/proof that I am not lying to you so check it out.


Okay so first I am not 100% sure that this is true, but if you go to Andrew’s IG you’ll see pictures of him with a girl, who I believe, is his girl. Again, I will repeat, I am not 100% sure if this is true or if he is dating that girl. I just wanted to let those ppl know who seem to be freaking out.

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